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School Stars of the Week

 Welcome to our Stars of the Week, our Friendship Stars of the Week and our Playtime Stars of the Week page. We are extremely proud and happy to celebrate success with the children, from trying their very best, to learning new skills and helping others in class or during play times, each achievement builds confidence, respect and friendships, and gives a real sense of community spirit!

Our Stars Of The Week

Huge Congratulations to all our fantastic Stars of the Week.  The children have been extremely busy and met each of the daily activities and challenges with enthusiasm.  The children were all very helpful in class and made such a big difference to their own learning, a great start to the school year, Well done everybody!

11th June 2021

Yousaf - Acorns

Raul - Beech

Thomas - Maple

Leo - Birch

Bradden - Cherry

Ondrej - Hazel

Khaleesi - Rowan

  Our Friendship Stars of the Week  

Our brilliant Friendship Stars of the Week have excelled again! The children have all been extremely helpful and polite. They have made themselves many new friends with the kindness they have shown to their classmates and others in the school. We say it so often but they really do help brighten up our school day and make our activities run a little more smoothly!

11th June 2021

Kelyn - Acorns

Charlotte - Beech

Hanna - Maple

Ava S - Birch

Freddie – Cherry

Hayden - Hazel

Bella - Rowan

Our Playtime Stars of the week

11th June 2021

Our Playtime Stars of the week children have had a brilliant time taking part in some fantastic playground games and helping their classmates join in the fun.  We're sure they'll get everyone at home involved if their enthusiasm at school is anything to go by!

Layton - Acorns

Martim - Beech

Bethany - Maple

Teal - Birch

Ralph – Cherry

Carter - Hazel

Romany - Rowan

Our Perfect Presentation Star of the Week 

19th March 2021

Jasmin - Hazel