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Transition to Garland School

Mrs Bland's and Garland

The two schools work together, both seeking to promote the child's well being and balanced development in all areas of learning, through close contact between staff, pupils, parents and governors. Both schools have single aged classes with specialist teachers for the approprite Key Stage.

Careful planning within the National Curriculum Key Stages 1 and 2, strong liaison with the class teachers and the close partnership between the Headteachers ensures the same natural transition from the Infant curriculum to the Junior as you would find in any Primary School.

The common uniform and joint participation in many activities encourages the children to see themselves as belonging to both schools.

There are many advantages too; separate funding has meant additonal classroom facilities, larger playgrounds and sports areas as well as resources appropriate for the age range within the schools.

Year 2 Transition to Garland

During the year, a wide range of activities will be planned to promote a smooth transition to Year 3 at Garland Junior School.  A timetable of dates and activities has been produced. 

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