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Rowan Class Yr 2

Welcome to Rowan Class!

Meet our teaching team.

Image of Mrs H Painter Class teacher
Mrs Painter, Class teacher
Image of Mrs S Rowlands (LSA)
Mrs Rowlands, LSA
Image of Mr O Brown (LSA)
Mr Brown, LSA







Image of children on school visitHello everyone! Welcome to Rowan Class. In our class we love to have fun, ask questions, make connections, and learn new skills. Here on our class page, you will find out about a day in the life of a year 2 child at Mrs Bland’s, as well as the topics we will cover throughout the year.

As we arrive at school each day, our teachers have a challenge prepared for us to start straight away. We love these challenges as they get us settled and focused quickly with our learning. Next, we join the rest of the school for collective worship. We love to come together to sing, hear stories and learn about our theme of the week.

Image of pupil paintingAfter assembly, we split into groups for spellings and reading comprehension. We read lots of different texts using a range of reading strategies, answer questions and practice applying spelling rules throughout the week.

Next, we have maths. We are learning how to use concrete and pictorial resources to help us answer tricky questions and spend a lot of time talking about our learning, in a move towards mastery.

After a fun-filled break and a healthy snack, we start English. In year 2 we learn to write narratives, poetry, recounts and many more. We put a lot of effort in to making sure our writing is neat and spelled correctly. We also love reading a range of texts in our writing lessons.

Just before lunch we listen to a story written by our author of the term. Listening to our teachers read exciting and engaging books is one of the best parts of the day.  

In year 2, every afternoon is different. We like to investigate and experiment inImage of pupil completing outdoor task science, design and create products in DT and sing and play instruments in music. At Mrs Bland’s we are also lucky enough to do outdoor learning (forest school) once a week. We learn how to build fires, stay safe in nature and different ways of building using natural materials.  

Rowan class are a lively bunch with a passion for learning!

Our topics throughout the year are:

Autumn 1 – Towers & Turrets

Autumn 2 – Beat, Band, Boogie

Spring 1 – Muck, Mess & Mixtures  

Spring 2 – Enchanted Garden  

Summer 1 – Wriggle & Crawl  

Summer 2 – Age of Discovery  

Key information:

  • PE with our sports coach Danny Williams is on Tuesday morning.
  • Dance or Gymnastics is on Wednesday afternoon.
  • Outdoor learning is on Friday afternoon.

We suggest that the children bring in their PE kits and outdoor learning clothes on a Monday and are left in school for the week, just in case there are any changes.

PE kit includes; navy shorts, coloured PE t-shirt (ask your child’s class teacher which house they are in), navy tracksuit top and bottoms (essential for outdoor PE), spare socks, plimsolls or trainers and ear tape if needed.

Outdoor learning clothing includes; wellington boots, waterproof coat, and trousers.

Everyday essentials include; a book bag and water bottle. We encourage the children not to bring in big backpacks as we are limited on space in our cloakrooms.

Please ensure that all items are clearly named.

We always welcome and appreciate parental support with individual reading, outdoor learning and trips/visits so please do let us know if you would like to help out regularly or even just occasionally. If you have any expertise related to any of our topics this year, and you would like to share your knowledge with the children, we would be delighted to hear from you too.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Painter, Mrs Rowlands and Mr Brown