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Our Staff

We are very grateful to have a full team of experienced, dedicated and professional staff at Mrs Bland's. Our teachers and support staff will ensure that your child has the best learning experience possible whilst in our care. We strive to bring out the best in each child and instil a sense of confidence, respect, responsibility and a 'can do' attitude to learning.


  • Mrs C C Rose

    Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead

  • Mrs Williams

    Deputy Headteacher & EYFS Lead

  • Mrs J Dell

    Operations Manager


  • Mrs A Rounce

    Little Acorns EYFS Lead Practitioner

  • Mrs Sharratt

    Little Acorns EYFS Practitioner

  • Mrs S Begum

    Little Acorns EYFS Practitioner

  • Mrs K Tanner

    Acorns Nursery Class Teacher

  • Ms Phillips

    Acorns Nursery EYFS Practitioner

  • Mrs Hitt

    Acorns Nursery EYFS Practitioner


  • Mrs M Pettifer

    Maple class Teacher

  • Mrs Lambarth

    Maple class: TA

  • Mr O. Brown

    Maple class: LSA

  • Mrs Nagle

    Beech class Teacher

  • Mrs Owens

    Beech class: TA

  • Mrs C Reynolds

    Beech class LSA

Year 1

  • Miss S Williams

    Birch class Teacher

  • Mrs Rapson

    Birch class: TA

  • Miss Tanner

    Birch class: LSA

  • Mrs Loupos-Read

    Cherry class Teacher

  • Miss Lambarth

    Cherry Class: TA

  • Miss Porter

    Cherry Class: LSA

Year 2

  • Mrs C Jones

    Hazel class Teacher (Mon-Wed)

  • Mrs Harlow

    Hazel class Teacher (Thur-Fri)

  • Mrs S Buchan

    Hazel class: TA

  • Mrs J Karas-Ball

    Hazel class: LSA

  • Miss Leanne Henly

    Rowan class Teacher, KS1 Team Leader

  • Mrs Marshall

    Rowan class: TA


  • Mrs Fox


  • Mrs Hodson

    ELSA Assistant

  • Mrs S Goby

    Reading Recovery Teacher

  • Miss M Cox

    EYFS ELSA assistant, Learning Mentor

Specialist Teachers

  • Mr D Williams

    Sports Coach

  • Ms Duncan

    Yr 2 Support/Music Specialist

Admin Staff

  • Mrs A Sutherland

    School Receptionist

  • Mrs E Shumsky

    School Finance Officer

  • Mrs S Begum

    School Housekeeping

  • Mrs G Nash

    School Housekeeping

  • Mr T Codling


  • Mrs Malyn

    Clerk to the Governors

Breakfast Bees & Bumble Bees

  • Mrs K Tanner


  • Miss Lambarth

    Assistant Playleader

  • Mrs Buchan

    Play Worker

  • Miss C Tanner

    Play Worker

  • Miss B Karas


Lunchtime Carers

  • Mrs Lambarth

    Lunchtime Supervisor

  • Mrs Hastings

    Lunchtime Carer

  • Mr Edwards

    Lunchtime Carer

  • Miss B Karas

    Lunchtime Carer