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Outdoor Learning

Our outdoor learning opportunities helps develop self esteem and confidence through hands on learning experiences, allowing choices to be made and risks to be understood and taken. 

  • It encourages positive behaviours and attitudes to learning by developing communication, social skills and personal responsibility.  Many children in the 21st Century have fewer and fewer opportunities to be outdoors, get wet, muddy and run freely.

  • Outdoor learning offers a different way of learning but supports the full curriculum, in an outdoors environment.

  • The ethos of learning outdoors is for children to take some control and responsibility for their own welfare and learning.  It should be a relaxed time when all children feel positive and achieve.

  • Children will learn from "doing" and learn from their own mistakes as they problem solve on their own or in a group.  This way they will become independent, resilient learners.

  • It encourages their personal, social and  emotional development as they work together and their communication skills are boosted.  Often children who are quiet in the class room become more talkative and contribute more when outside.

  • Children learn transferable life skills and learn to respect nature.

  • There are ample opportunities for children to use mathematical skills as they collect and sort objects.

  • Sometimes specific activities can be planned to link in with classroom topics but often the most productive sessions come when the children lead themselves.

  • We always need Parents to come along and help with Outdoor Learning.  Please ensure you book an induction with the School Office, prior to your first session.   You can volunteer for any session, if you are unable to help with  your own child's group.  Speak to your Class Teacher or the School Office to sign up and complete an induction.