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Under Construction Online Application Form

Mrs Bland’s Infant and Nursery School Nursery Application

We are working to bring you an online application form to apply for nursery provision.
Please use the printed form for the moment as we check that everything is working. We will bring you the online version as soon as possible
Thank you

Please complete the registration pack as fully as possible, write clearly and use block capitals.
The information is required under the 1986 Education Act and will be treated in the strictest confidence.
Following registration a copy of the completed pack will be given to the parents/carers.

Our objective is to provide all children with activities and experiences to ensure they have an exciting, stimulating, and relaxing day within the familiar surroundings of Mrs Bland’s Infant & Nursery School.

We believe in offering high quality care for children and provide parents with the opportunities to make life choices secure in the knowledge that their children are being well cared for in a safe and known environment. We also feel that by operating the Nursery ourselves, with our own staff from across the school, we provide a consistency of approach with real knowledge of our children and their needs. We ensure that we;

Offer a safe, stimulating and caring environment where physical, mental, creative and social skills can be developed.

Help to develop language and communication skills in an informal environment with staff that know the children well.

Provide high quality play and creative experiences appropriate to the age and development of your child.

Give a welcoming start and a warm and comforting end to the day.

Have plenty of fun!

Contact Details
We hope that your child/ren will be very happy with us. Should you need to contact us for any reason during school hours please do so on 0118 9832332 and or email us at If the school office is closed, please choose option 2 to speak to our Bumblebees staff

Arrival and Collection

Arrivals and departures from the Nursery are recorded in the daily register. Please ensure that your child arrives only after the starting time of 7.30am (Breakfast care), 8.50am (Morning session) or 12.30pm (Afternoon session) and is collected before the Nursery closing time at either 11.50am (Morning session), 3.30pm (Afternoon session) or 6.00pm (Full Nursery Day-care session).
Further information on our Arrivals and Collections policy can be found at the end of this document

Invoicing/Childcare Vouchers

Please note that there is a one-off registration fee of £15 which can be paid via BACS. We will also include a monthly fee of £10 to cover the cost of fruit at snack time.
Invoicing of regular sessions is in advance, and payment of fees must be made monthly within two weeks of invoicing. All booked sessions must be paid for in the event of illness. If your child cannot attend sessions due to school closures, any charges will be reimbursed.

Payment can be made by BACS transfer, childcare vouchers Parentmail. If you wish to use
childcare vouchers, please confirm the voucher company details.

Further information regarding our fees can be found in our fees policy at the end of this document.

Notice/Session Changes

For us to manage staff ratios and rotas fairly and responsibly, we require one half-term’s notice, in writing, for any permanent reduction or changes to the sessions that your child attends at our Nursery, including if they are leaving.


We believe that good communication is essential, and we pride our staff on building relationships with parents as well as the children in their care. Parents are always welcome to have informal chats with our staff at drop off and collection and it is also possible to book a telephone conversation or meeting with the staff for more in-depth conversations if required.

Our display boards house all our important information including first aid, fire drill and insurance details. Further information, including copies of the school policies and procedures can be made available on request.

Our nursery uses an incident book to record any out of the ordinary incidents such as accidents or behaviour related incidents. You may also be asked to consent/countersign an accident form or a form to provide permission for administering prescription medication.

We may occasionally ask you to complete a Parent Survey to ensure that your children enjoy and benefit from attending our sessions.

Privacy, Confidentiality and Parental Access to Records

All staff respect the confidentiality of parents and children.
All the children’s registration packs are kept securely at the school.

Mrs Bland’s Infant School & Nursery is aware of its obligation under the General Data
Protection Regulation (GDPR) and is committed to processing your data securely and transparently. The law on data protection allows us to process your data for certain reasons only: ‘In order to carry out legally required duties as an employer or sponsor;’


We are committed to communicating with parents/carers openly and regularly and we welcome all comments on our service. Feel free to provide feedback to us at any time. We aim to deal with any issues as quickly and positively as possible. We are aware of how important the three-way relationship (school staff-parent/carer-child) is to the child’s wellbeing. If you do have a complaint that you would like dealt with formally then please refer to our Complaints Policy that can be found on our website.